At AW (Ad & Win) device grading is treated very seriously. We are very proud our hard earned excellent reputation from our unbeatable return rate, currently under 1%.

We ensure that your time is spent on what matters most, serving and caring for your customers. 

When dealing with us, our customers are safe with our prompt RMA process and servicing.

If, for any reason, there is something you dislike in your order, just get in touch with us. A return or discount will be processed immediately.

Our grading is divided in 5 categories:

A+ Grade - Devices as new. Without any mark of use.

A Grade - Equipment in very good condition, with minimal marks of use. Micro-scratches or micro-dings only.

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AB Grade - Device in good condition, with one dent or small scratches from regular use. Front and rear glass (if applicable) with micro scratches or immaculate.

B Grade - Equipment with marks resulting from normal use. They may include up to 3 dents or deep scratches on the body. Front glass does not contain deep scratches (deep scratches are scratches that are on front of the LCD and can be seen while the device LCD is on).

C Grade - Equipment with signs of intensive use that may include several bites / dents or deep scratches in the body. Front glass can contain deep scratches.


  1. What is the battery condition for these used devices? - A: Every device battery is tested and has (at least) 80% of the original capacity for the Smartphones and Tablets. For Laptops is (at least) 60% of the original capacity.
  2. Are there any broken parts in any Grade? - We don't sell any device with broken or bent parts. SIM trays, camera lenses and every other component is intact.