Our 90 Day Wholesale Warranty

Even though our return rate is currently under 1%, as an important part of our premium wholesale service, we offer our customers a warranty that covers a significant period of the post-sale process. 

Every device is covered with a 3-month or 90-day warranty that starts from the moment it is shipped from our warehouse.

This warranty covers only functional failures or aesthetic mistakes and does not include:

  1. Failures resulting from negligent use such as, among others, contact with water, falls or other damage that may interfere with the proper functioning of the equipment or has resulted in borken / bent parts.
  2. Change of mind returns.

How to proceed in case there is a malfunctioning device?

  1. Send us our RMA form properly filled at orders@adandwin.com.
  2. Once approved, you should attach a copy of the RMA form to the return package along with the devices.
  3. Ship everything back to our warehouse. (the address is available in the RMA form).

How are RMAs processed?

  1. If, once we receive a returned equipment, we verify that the reported failures or damage fall within the points sated previously or do not correspond to what was reported in the RMA guide, we will send the equipment back to the client and an invoice will be issued with a cost 30€ +  shipping + VAT for the administrative cost of the operation.
  2. Apart from the situation provided for in the previous point, returns are processed within 3 and 15 working days depending on the severity of the fault, with the corresponding amount being credited or the units are replaced / repaired. The quickest measure will be applied.