Cookies at MarketAW

Cookies are small text files recorded on the User’s equipment when accessing websites. These help the website to memorize information about your visit, such as username, email address and password, IP address (internet protocol), version and type of browser used, the operating system used, the spaces visited or searched on our website, the web addresses through which you have accessed or left MarketAW, the date and time of activity in our services, among others.

Cookies help those responsible for MarketAW to understand the way this website is used, which can facilitate the user’s navigation on the Website, improving, in general, the user experience.

MarketAW uses Cookies that are permanently hosted in the User’s browser, being used whenever you access MarketAW. Cookies that temporarily lodge in the User’s browser until they leave MarketAW allow analyzing traffic patterns on the web, allowing those responsible for this service to continuously improve the user experience.

MarketAW cookies can, at any time, be disabled and deleted. To do so, the User or Visitor needs only to access their browser settings and select the option to delete Cookies. (you can usually find this setting in your browsing history). Ad & Win warns that:

Some MarketAW features may be affected after cookies are disabled.

When you return to MarketAW, you will again be asked for your consent to operate with our cookies.